thehearingprotector October 3, 2017

Ear defenders, ear muffs and ear plugs are must-have noise-and-hearing protection gadgets for people who work in, or visit, noisy environments.


A lot of outdoor and indoor devices and activities generate loud noises of high pitch. These include engines, lawnmowers, propeller planes, motor bike racing, airshows etc.The ear drum is very sensitive and can only withstand few decibels (dB) of sound. The ear can sustain permanent damage when exposed to loud noise if hearing protectors are not worn.

Electronic Ear Defenders

Best Electronic Ear DefendersToday’s electronic hearing protection devices use space age technology to protect the hearing of people engaged in all types of activities. Whether it’s hearing protection for shooting, to protect the ears during heavy machine operation, or for use while working on the assembly line, ear hearing protection available today effectively limits sounds that would harm the ear. These models also enhance the hearing of sounds that are not unwanted and are very comfortable to wear.

There are a wide range of hi-tech electronic ear defenders designed to suit particular needs. There are ear defenders for kids, shooting ear defenders and ear plugs, musician ear defenders, ear plugs for sleeping , radio ear defenders.

These quality ear defenders are designed for use in noisy environments and conform to technical standards such as the EN and CE. They are excellent signal to noise ratio and good NRR.

If you work or visit a noisy environment, this is a must-have. They offer hearing comfort in presence of high pitch sounds such as engine, lawnmower and jet engine noises. Give it a try today and see for yourself!

Kids Ear Defenders

Best Kids Ear DefendersThese are highly recommended ear protectors if you wish to take your kids out for airshows, motorbike racing, music festivals, fireworks display, a Rugby match or other noisy environments. Peltor makes excellent and high quality ear defenders for kids which are very effective at cutting out loud noise. They are quite comfortable and fit excellently without leaving marks on your little one’s face.

If you’d like to take your child to an airshow, motor racing, musical festival and the likes, it is recommended you buy one these children ear defenders to help protect their tender ear drum from the high pitch loud noises prevalent in these noisy environments. The noise rejection ratio of these ear plugs are superb and top class. They fit excellently without leaving marks and can allow the child to have some nap in-between the activities

Shooting Ear Defenders

Best Shooting Ear DefendersThe shooting ear defenders offer superb noise protection from dangerous gunfire noise while allowing normal conversation to go on.

The shotgun user and shooting ear defenders offer highly-effective hearing protection without sacrificing comfort. Most are designed to conform to CE95: EN352 regulations and have excellent noise reduction ration (NRR) .

The shooting ear plugs offer excellent hearing protection from dangerous gunfire noise, and afford distortion-free amplification of low level sounds such as range commands and normal conversation. The New active-volume feature eliminates harmful noise so fast you don’t even notice it.

A Federally Recognized Occupational Hazard

Occupational noise exposure is a federally recognized occupational hazard. Noise induced hearing loss affects many people, including factory workers, people on construction sites, airport workers, people in the law enforcement and rescue fields, gardeners and landscapers, and hunters. While long-term exposure to environmental noise pollution can cause eventually damage, louder sounds can cause hearing damage even more quickly.

Final Words

If noise pollution is a part of your workday or sports and leisure life, you’ll find that today’s hearing protection is more effective than ever. With all of the top brands of hearing protection available from retailers on the World Wide Web, businesses and public agencies of all types can purchase hearing protection in quantities that meet their needs without leaving the comfort of their office.