thehearingprotector October 3, 2017
Kids Ear Defenders - Noise and Hearing Protection

Have you ever….

  • been to a concert, music festival, sports game, firecrackers show or similar with your kid?
  • thought – could anyone turn the volume down“?
  • looked for a more quite place to hide?
  • tried to cover your or your kid‘s ears with palms?
  • had funny noises in your ears after leaving the venue?
  • felt frustrated or anxious afterwords?

If you answer YES to any of these, imagine how your kid feels like. If the noise is too high for you, it is definitely too high for your child. Keep him safe – use hearing protection.

Noise impact on hearing

Loud noise damages the cells of the inner ear. Noise-induced hearing loss typically occurs gradually and without pain. After exposure to loud noise, you may experience ringing in the ears or difficulty hearing. This is called a “temporary threshold shift”. After a few hours (or a few days), this temporary shift returns to normal.With repeated exposure this temporary shift in hearing can become permanent. Once permanent hearing damage has occurred, it is not possible to restore hearing. Don’t until it is too late – use hearing protection and make sure your children do.

Noise and children

Children can be harmed by noise more than any other members of our society. Noise-induced hearing loss among children is a serious public concern and impacts on speech, language, cognitive, social and emotional development.You should pay attention to noise exposure in your kids‘ recreational activities. You should listen to toys before purchasing them, encourage children to lower the volume on stereos and noisy computer games, avoid or limit exposure at noisy movies and video arcades, keep the volume down on personal stereo systems with headphones and use ear defenders, when attending noisy venues.

Protect your kid‘s hearing

To avoid noise-induced hearing loss, pay attention to the noises around you and turn down the volume whenever possible.When spending time in noisy environments (concerts, music festivals, fire or airplane shows etc.), take good care of your and your kids‘ hearing protection – use ear defenders or ear plugs whenever the noise level exceeds 85 dB.

Noise makes your kid unhappy

Hearing loss is not the only outcome of spending time in noisy environments. Noise may have impact on your and your kid‘s mood, heart beat, frustration, anxiousness, digestion and even good sleep.In order to maintain good general well-being use kids ear defenders when necessary.

How to measure the noise level?

Levels of NoiseNormal conversation is held in 60 dB level.  85 dB is considered to be the limit  of „safe“ noise, so everything that is above might have a negative impact on your hearing.If a person standing  one meter from you has to shout so that you would hear him, the noise level is approx. 85 dB.

If a person standing less than half meter from you has to shout so that you would understand him, the noise level might be reaching 95 dB.

And if you need to shout to another’s ear so he would hear you, noise level is probably reaching 105 dB. This level is already very dangerous and you should definitely be wearing ear defenders.

Some figures

  • Noise levels at video arcades can be as high as 110 dBA.- Firecrackers create sound levels from 125 – 155 dBA.
  • Sound levels at live music concerts can be measured at 120 dBA and beyond.
  • The noise level of gunshots can be measured at 150 dBA -167 dBA.
  • Noise levels at movie theaters have been measured up to 118 dBA.
  • Sound levels in health clubs and aerobic studios can be as high as 120 dBA.
  • Personal stereo systems with headphones produce sounds as loud as 105 – 120.
  • Sound levels at a sporting event can be measured up to 127 dBA.
  • Motorboats emit sound levels ranging from 85 – 115 dBA.
  • Motorcycles have been measured at levels ranging from 95 – 120 dBA.
  • Noise levels of snowmobiles are as high as 99 dBA.
  • Many children’s toys emit sounds which are measured at 135 dBA -150 dBA.
  • Noise levels from “Boom Cars” have been measured at 140dBA and beyond.

Final Words

Concerts, festivals, big sports events, firecracker or aviation shows and other noisy occasions are the ones where children are recommended to use hearing protection.