thehearingprotector October 3, 2017

Why Hearing Protection Is Important

One out of ten Americans is suffering from a hearing loss, which has an effect on his or her ability to understand a normal conversation. Age-related hearing loss is regarded as the most common reason behind this problem and is actually more widespread than hearing loss as a result of extreme noise exposure. On the other hand, exposure to intense noise reduces the ability to hear, and it is very important to understand the effects of high noise levels, especially for the reason that this kind of noise exposure, and therefor the resulting damage, is preventable by using hearing protection devices.

Constant Exposure to Noise

Everybody is constantly exposed to noise. Most noise is without damaging effects on our hearing, however we’re also most likely familiar with the short-term partial loss of hearing. This may be experienced soon after going to a noise party, or leaving a noisy location. During this period of partial hearing loss, you experience difficulties with hearing and is often accompanied by a ringing or buzzing noise in the ear. With temporary hearing problems, our hearing will little by little return to normal, normally just within a couple of hours. However, any temporary hearing loss must be considered to be as a warning signal. Ignoring these warnings may result in permanent hearing loss.

Permanent hearing loss may occur in two ways:

  • from on-going or recurring exposure to excessive noise levels, usually over a longer period of time.
  • from short-term exposure to extremely high noise levels, which may cause immediate damage.

The negative impacts associated with permanent noise induced hearing problems can vary from moderate to severe, and definitely will become worse when exposure to unsafe noise levels continues. This type of hearing loss can occur to virtually anyone, at any age. And once the damage is done it cannot be repaired.

Final Words

But the most essential truth about noise induced hearing loss is the fact that it is preventable by using hearing protection products!

Hearing protection devices (HPD) fall into two classes:

  • ear plugs
  • ear muffs

Hearing protectors must be selected that are hassle-free, comfortable, and offer the proper amount of protection for the noise levels you are exposed to. What ever kind of protection you have chosen, they must be worn properly and consistently.